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             Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a Sign of Gold cost?

    The cost is determined by several factors: the size of the panel, the copy content (the number of letters) and complexity (logos, scrolls, etc.), single- or double-sided, method of installation (post-mounted, fascia) and geographical location. 

Q: Is installation of a Sign of Gold included in the price?

Yes. For post-mounted signs, we include detailed (fluted, chaffered, and rounded-over) 6-in. x 6-in. solid southern yellow pine posts, mahogany finials and caps, and custom crafted aluminum brackets that are powder-coated and industrially baked.

Q: Does Signs of Gold use foam products for the substrate panel?

    We only use mahogany for our substrate panels because of its legendary carvibility, lateral strength, and exterior durability. High density polyurethane (HDU) or foam is not suitable for substrate use. We do employ HDU for carving individual letters and appliqués (add-ons). 

Q: What colors are available for the substrate panel?

We have developed five custom background colors which, from experience, we have found compliment the gold carving very efficiently. Our custom-mixed colors are Deep Navy, Forest Green, San Marco Burgundy, New England Red, and Midnight Black. They
are deep and rich and contrast beautifully with the gold leaf. We never use "out-of-the can" colors.  

Q: Is there a Design Fee associated with additional use of the Sign Design for other purposes such as stationery, shirts, menus, aprons, websites, advertising, etc?

For the actual Sign Design, no, but for additional use of the Design, there is. The physical Sign of Gold belongs to the customer, but the Design remains the intellectual property of Signs of Gold, Inc. Any additional use of the Design requires permission and compensation and then Signs of Gold will provide digital artwork as needed. To initate the Design Phase, there is a fee which is eventually deducted from
from the Deposit when the Contract is signed.

Q: What is the "turn-around time" for a Sign of Gold?

Since Signs of Gold, Inc prides itself on being a studio of entirely hand crafted, gilded sign artistry, rapidity is not in our lexicon. Our meticulous work takes dedicated time. Thus, depending on the nature of the Sign and the time of year, the expected time for completion of your Sign of Gold can range
from 6-8 weeks, 8-10 weeks, or 10-12 weeks or more.

Q: Does Signs of Gold use gold paint? 

      There is no such thing as "gold paint." What is sold as "gold paint" is nothing more than bronze powder in varnish!
Signs of Gold, Inc uses nothing but pure Gold Leaf. The Gold bars in Fort Knox are 23.98K and are 99.99% pure. Signs of Gold uses gold leaf that is 23.75K and is 98.95% pure gold. We import our gold leaf from Florence, Italy. It is the finest Gold Leaf available. It is 99% pure Gold alloyed with 0.7% Silver and 0.3% Copper to provide added strength to the leaf. 


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Stephen J. Lestingi putting the final touches on an installation while students admire their new Sign of Gold


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Did you know that gold, the precious metal revered since antiquity, has been called the closest thing to solidified sunshine? That's because gold literally interacts with light.
     Since an atom of gold has a solitary electron in its outer shell, a photon of light can transfer energy to this electron and can cause it to quantum jump to a higher energy level. This excited state doesn't last, however, and the electron falls back to its normal energy state...but, in so doing, it emits a quantum of light energy which gives Gold its radiant luster...its exclusive license to shine

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